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Hi Reader~

I got some advice from a friend last weekend to re-embrace wine and song pairings. In the spirit of heeding good advice, welcome to what will now be your weekly Jazz & Juice...

On the song front, those of you in NYC can come hear a lot of new ones I've written on 2/22 with Jeb Patton at the InterContinental Hotel, 2 short sets starting at 6:30 with complimentary wine & bites. $55. More info is here, or just email Sebastian for RSVP:

Without further ado...


I'm starting off with a bang -- I had the privilege of tasting (nah, drinking) Daphne Glorian-Solomon's Clos Erasmus 2020 a few nights ago.

She's a true pioneer in the wine world -- she is one of the band of winemakers that reinvigorated Priorat in the 80's and 90's -- which was then recognized in 2000 as one of the two highest quality regions in Spain (a D.O.Q. to be technical -- the other being Rioja.)

In the glass this wine is densely packed with concentrated, dark fruits -- layer upon layer. While it is unmistakably bold with lots of panache, it shows technique and restraint in all the right places.

You know how nuanced music needs to be played at a high volume to catch everything? That's how I felt about the dialed up quality of this wine.

Okay, so this wine is expensive (I got lucky.) If you want to try something that gives you a sense of Priorat for less, may I recommend something like the Mas d'En Gil "Bellmunt" Priorat ($20-$26) or something from the surrounding Montsant region from a good producer, like Venus la Universal.


What does it feel like to be bowled over by a wine like Erasmus? For an equally intoxicating experience, try listening to Rene Marie's version of "I Wanna Be Evil" -- initially made famous by the great Eartha Kitt.

Kitt broke through barriers in entertainment, intellectual and political worlds as a woman of fierce spirit and opinions.

As a performer, her style was somehow too much and just enough, while still leaving you wanting more.

I couldn't resist bringing you another bold woman of song and style who's version of the song (arranged by Etienne Charles,) has all the brash attitude and tight swing you could ask for. This whole album is a high-octane blast of energy, sensuality and verve in the spirit of Eartha.

I Wanna Be Evil
Rene Marie
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Let me know what you thought of this -- and like I said, good advice or suggestions are most welcome. I hope you'll enjoy hearing from me more often.



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