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Greetings from me, back in NYC, where writing you is a welcome respite from trying to lasso some lyrics.:)

This week we're venturing outside our titular genre, but since the Rolling Stones are playing JazzFest, perhaps the jazz police should be patrolling elsewhere...


Hybrid grapes are crosses of different species — indigenous North American grapes with their more ‘noble’ cousins from Europe -- they are hardier and can thrive where more familiar vines cannot.

Early Mountain Vineyards “Young Vine Red” 2022 is a blend of chambourcin and vidal blanc —hybrid grapes that are growing well this wine’s place of provenance, Virginia.

The wine has a whisper of dark underripe blackberry. It’s mouthwatering in the way that made me recall my grape bubblegum chewing days, and has a hint of amaro-like bitterness on the finish. As the name suggests, it is young and fresh, intriguing and inviting.

An intriguing wine isn’t always a pleasurable one, and this is both thanks to its painstaking and inventive production style.* It's notable that this bottle shows none of the bad funk that can shadow the reputation of these grapes, rather opens the palate to possibilities.

Jazz (kinda)

BADBADNOTGOOD is commonly referred to as a band that’s a hybrid of jazz and a bunch of other styles (funk, the good kind, among them.) The music industry is a challenging climate of its own at the moment, and the popularity of this group attests to the idea that hybrids do thrive.

I enjoy these guys and their more jazz-leaning fare, but it’s their new EP release featuring Baby Rose, "Slow Burn" (Secretly Canadian 2024) that I simply had to share with you today. Her sound is so unique, so distinctive, there’s no mistaking her for any other vocalist, certainly of her era.

This track has a very clean and very produced sound. Rose's idiosyncrasy is honored but never at the expense of the song being imminently listenable -- this is high-intervention music making par excellence.

While I would love to hear her emotive approach and timbre totally raw, I can see how with the right treatment, even the most arresting and unfamiliar sound can become a delightful accompaniment that invites listen after listen. And sometimes, that's just the thing.

It's Alright
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Let me know if you enjoyed this one (or if you didn't!) I've been learning a lot from your responses.



*they whole cluster fermented the grapes, made an orange wine out of some of the white before blending, didn't fine or filter...

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